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Hello, and welcome to the website. My name is Chad Leader. I currently live in Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. I've been a lifelong admirer of astronomy. In 2017, just after my 40th birthday, I decided to begin a Master of Science degree in Space Studies with a concentration in Astronomy (completed in 2021). To supplement my studies, I bought a relatively inexpensive Newtonian telescope.  From the very first time I saw Saturn's rings through the eyepiece, I knew I was hooked - and so began my astrophotography journey.

What draws me to this hobby is the fusion of science and art. While these deep sky photographs contain valuable information about the physical universe, they also possess immense beauty. The technical and scientific aspect of acquiring data sets with equipment in conjunction with processing the data to compose a work of art make this one of the most challenging and rewarding hobbies I've ever taken on.

This website serves as the home to my astrophotography adventures and as a project to continue learning and sharing knowledge. I hope you enjoy the content, and please don't hesitate to reach out. Clear skies!


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