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Galaxy Processing Bootcamp: a basic workflow for OSC galaxy processing in Pixinsight

Galaxy season is here. If you're new to processing galaxies, or astrophotography in general, this video is for you! If you want to practice, I'm donating my old data of The Whirlpool Galaxy, which can be downloaded here:

I acquired this data (about 5 hours of integration) from my old bortle 8/9 backyard outside of Washington, DC using a Celestron Edge HD 8 with 0.7x reducer and a ZWO ASI533 MC OSC camera. Additionally, I didn't have the correct backspacing dialed in for the reducer which led to CA and elongated stars in the corners. That said, it's not great data - but it's fine to practice with. Perhaps you can produce something nice with it.

The video is intended for a beginner with some knowledge of Pixinsight. My goal was to present a basic workflow for completing the processing of a galaxy. I use a couple of Pixinsight addons for this demonstration: BlurXterminator and NoiseXterminator. I highly recommend these processes. They save a lot of time, and do an excellent job.

Here's the full video - I hope you find it useful!

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